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b. 1986, HK.



China Blue Films was founded 2010 in Shanghai.

It is the sister company of Les Petites Lumieres, founded in Paris in 2004.

CBF's first feature film production in 2012 was “A Bump in the Road” directed by Raymond Yip (Yip Wai Ming) from Hong Kong, starring Chen Si Cheng and Bao Bei’er. The film was released by Sunwah.

In 2011 and 2012 it produced two seasons of reality television for Dragon TV, the satellite company of Shanghai Media Group for the Sephora make-up stores. The show was called the “Sephora Beauty Academy”, on air for two seasons then the format successfully sold to Brazil.

China Blue accompanied the preparation of “Great Wall” for Legendary Films in 2012 when Ed Zwyck was slated to direct it. The film was then put in turnaround until Zhang Yimou took it over. In 2013 the company produced parts of “Hector and the Search for Happiness” directed by Peter Chelsom. In 2014 it produced “Voyage en Chine” in Sichuan, starring Yolande Moreau, produced by Haut et Court. In 2015 CBF did the line production for Europarcorp’s first foray into Chinese coproductions: “Enter the Warrior’s Gate” starring Dave Bautista, Ni Ni and Mark Chao. In 2016 it was executive producer for “Super Express” starring Chen He and Song Zhi Xiao of Korea. Both films were produced by Fundamental Films in China.

In 2017 CBF produced parts of “Mrs Mills” shot in China and directed by Sophie Marceau starring Pierre Richard. CBF via Natacha Devillers was executive producer for “Magic 7” produced by Quad and Eagle Media, starring ex-football champion Eric Cantona. To be released later in 2018. 

Its sister company, Les Petites Lumieres, focuses on art house films such as the coproduction of “Crosscurrents”, started in 2009 and in competition at the Berlin Film Festival 2016, “R U There” by David Verbeek, an official entry of the Cannes film festival in 2010 or Diao Yinan’s “Night Train”, official selection Cannes film festival 2007. Les Petites Lumieres also has a branch in Beijing and one in Shanghai and has produced films from other parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.





2012年,青曦文化有限公司为传奇影业下的《长城》项目做了前期的准备工作,当时原定导演为爱德华·兹威克。后来电影公司搁置了这个项目,直到张艺谋接手后才重新启动。2013年,青曦参与了由彼德·切尔瑟姆执导的电影《寻找幸福的赫克托》的部分拍摄。2014年和法国电影公司Haut et Court联合制作的电影《中国之旅》,该电影摄于四川,由友兰达·梦露主演。2015年,法国欧罗巴电影公司初次与中国联合出品了由戴夫·巴蒂斯塔、倪妮、赵又廷主演的《勇士之门》,青曦文化传播负责了该电影的协助拍摄。2016年青曦担任了由陈赫、宋智孝主演的电影《超级快递》的执行制片。以上两部电影都是由上海基美影业股份有限公司出品的。

2017年青曦负责了由苏菲·玛索执导、皮埃尔·理查德主演的电影《米尔斯夫人》在中国的拍摄部分。同年,青曦文化传播有限公司的制片人娜塔莎·德维勒担任了电影《神奇赛文》的执行制片人,该电影由北京鹰美影业有限公司及Quad Films共同出品,由前足球冠军运动员埃里克·坎通纳主演,将于2018年上映。